CAP’TRONIC supports the digital transformation of products and production processes thanks to connected electronic systems.

The advice: The introduction of electronic technologies in a product can meet multiple motivations: to modernize an existing product to get ahead of the competition in terms of performance, price, design, to create a new product (for the company) or to develop new technologies.

The CAP’TRONIC programme aims to help French companies, whatever their sector of activity is, to improve their competitiveness by integrating electronic solutions and embedded software into their products. It implements the following actions: organization of seminars, trainings, projects definition, coaching (…).

CAP’TRONIC is worn by the association JESSICA FRANCE. The JESSICA FRANCE Association, founded by the CEA and Bpifrance, has more than 1000 SME members. With the support of the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, it carries out the CAP’TRONIC programme, which aims to help French SMEs, whatever their sector of activity is , to improve their competitivness.

Bringing together at its creation, in 1910, a small hundred subcontractors executing custom parts designed by the national manufacturers within the Union Chamber of Manufacturers of Accessories and Spare Parts of Automobiles, Cycles and Aircraft, the Federation of Vehicle Equipment Industries (FIEV) has become today the spokesperson of a globalized profession that designs and manufactures components, systems and modules intended to equip vehicles produced in all markets, and technical control and maintenance equipment used in service stations and repair shops.

FIEV brings together 118 companies’ groupss, representing more than 80% of the profession’s total turnover. The size of these enterprises varies from the multinational group to the regional SME. In 2018, sales of French automotive equipment plants amounted to €18.98 billion. The share of exports has grown steadily over the past ten years, reaching 54% of the total sales of these companies today. The number of employees is 71,374.

The Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines Foundation, Inc. or SEIPI is the largest organization of foreign and Filipino electronics companies in the Philippines.

SEIPI, through its vision and dedication of its members, aims to make the Philippines a globally competitive business environment for semiconductor and electronics technologies. This is supported by its mission of enhancing and promoting the Philippines’ competitive advantages and growth opportunities through Training, Research and Development/Roadmap, Advocacy, Information, Networking and Services (T.R.A.I.N.S.).